I think it and then I write it.

Sarah Fader is the CEO of Stigma Fighters, a non-profit organization that encourages people with mental illness to share their stories. She's been featured on the front page of The Washington Post.

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Momsonbeach article
The Good Men Project

What It Means To Be A Man -

Sarah Fader is a single mom who wants to raise her son to be a good man. Here's how she plans to do it....

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 10.29.27 pm e1448941014485 article
The Good Men Project

Are All 3-Year-Olds Just A**holes? -

Babies—perfect. Toddlers: trying. But are three-year-olds just mercilessly impossible? Sarah Fader has the definitive answer. ...

Screen shot 2015 12 10 at 10.26.39 pm e1449804588822 article
The Good Men Project

Are Men Just as Sensitive as Women? -

Are men just as sensitive as women? Sarah Fader writes a resounding yes....

Getting boys to read article
The Good Men Project

My Son Refused to Read... Until This Happened -

Thank you to my son for showing me that there are different ways to learn literacy....