I think it and then I write it.

Sarah Fader is the CEO of Stigma Fighters, a non-profit organization that encourages people with mental illness to share their stories. She's been featured on the front page of The Washington Post.

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Phuc 20dat 20bich article

Phuc Dat Bich Or F**k That B**ch? Apparently Facebook Decides

I decided to reach out to Phuc Dat to get his side of the story. I neglected to realize that the lived in Australia. Though it was 9am in NYC it was after 1am down under....

Hair article

Be One With Your Hair: Embracing The Hair You Were Born With

I love my hair curly and I love my hair straight. However, I would be misleading you if I didn't admit that people's positive reaction to my wild curly locks inspired me to keep my hair au naturel....

Coloring 1 article

Coloring Books As Treatment For The Mentally Ill?

I believe that these coloring books could be revolutionary treating mental health issues. There are plenty of inpatient facilities that utilize art therapy to help people living with mental illness process their emotions. Why not integrate coloring into the mix?...

Thinkstockphotos 83590619 article

My Daughter Doesn't Want To Wear "Girl" Clothes. Why Should She?

It got me thinking, why are there boys and girls sections in department stores like Target? What about the girl who doesn't want to wear a pink sparkly dress? She wants to wear a blue shirt with the truck on it. What about the boy who wants to wear a...

Gun 1 article

I Threw Away My Son’s Toy Gun

There is a bigger problem at hand here: the toy industry feels that it is appropriate and lucrative to include play guns in children’s toys....

Mommy1 article

No More Mommy Wars – A Canadian Viral Photo Project

“We are all starting for a place of complete and utter crazy love for our kids. If we can start there, when differences come up, hopefully we can approach people that are doing things in a totally different way from us in a inclusive, loving and non-judgmental way,” Stewart-Douglas says....

Plannedparenthood139 article

Reflections On The Planned Parenthood Shooting: It Could Have Been Me

Women come to Planned Parenthood for a variety of reasons: an affordable check up from a licensed gynecologist, STD testing, pregnancy testing, LGBT services, and to have an abortion. The women present at that clinic in Colorado on Friday had different reasons for being there. What did they have in...